Alkesh Parmar is a London based british designer/artist who creates lights by utilising banal everyday objects. Banal everyday objects are not appreciated as things and often discarded after use, the notion of recycling is important part to my practice however this is not my prime objective. The central point of his study is light and the relationship it shares with the objects. He uses light to capture their aesthetic beauty and to give them 'soul'. He sees light as a universal language within most religions and through his objects he aims to bring this universal essence into interiors, creating objects, installations of serenity and peace. The artist says, like Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote; "love is not consolation. It is light". All the objects are limited editions and intended for private and public interior spaces. My responses to light and lit environments are deep within. Light can enhance our feeling of excitement, tension, fear, well-being and peace of mind. It can inspire, motivate, astound and support our biological needs. My multifaceted approach, with its emphasis on personal experiences, will help me discover relationships; metaphysical, manufactured and natural light can share in the future.