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Unnecessary lighting, what is the reason for this?

The light bulb is a symbolic object of beauty. The first electrical light bulbs were amongst many electrical inventions to ignite the public imagination in the ninetieth century.

The incandescent electric light bulb created a metaphor for its own invention - the brightest of bright ideas, a spark of brilliance. It now carries a status of an almost spiritual light and is a modernistic icon. An idol of beauty as a by-product of function. Since the invention of the light bulb, technology has advanced with LEDs and OLEDs so will the bulb continue to be a metaphoric symbol of inventiveness?

To manufacture a process for a more spiritual inner light/enlightenment - we have more light around us than we do within us. Our surroundings are now full of products that throw artificial light onto our everyday lives. As the historian John E. Thomas pointed out, "lighting was not a necessity, it was a fashionable want".